The Holy City of Gordius is a wealthy and developed religious city built within a circular strong border northwest of the Whiteland in the Land of Southeast. Built as a result of Delta Conflict which occurred five years prior to its well-known sovereign, Gordius is led by Jtak the Holy Priest. Most warrior from the Patriarchal Fraction during the Delta Conflict helped built Gordius and within a short period of five years, it flourished. The Feminine Rune was kept within the central Cathedral where its phoellic form, the Virgin Dove was worship as the masculine's goddess.

In early IS 3400s, Jtak established the Communion Regime where he built an army of Mannequin with the help of the Vitamin C Kingdom, a research-led moving 'kingdom' left by Frank Furter the Sweet Transverstite during the Delta Conflict. Led by Rosales the King, they established a formulae of army. A Mannequin however could only be given life when a human gave a part of his life to it. Citizens of Gordius were generally supportive but a resistance group calling themselves Gordius Young Men (GYM) began questioning the need of such synthetic army.


The Holy City Gordius is ruled under the Communion Regime with its leader, Holy Priest Jtuk. The warfare of the system is dominated by the Silver Vicars and the Mannequins.

   Holy Priest JTUK
       Chaplain HUTALULU (leader of the Silver Vicars)
       Chaplain KHITRUM (leader of the Mannequins)
       Minister MOKOJIYA (professor of the Mannequins)
       Vice-Minister BILL (vice-professor of the Mannequins)

Silver Vicars
Churchman #1
Churchman #2
Churchman #3
Churchman #4
Man of the Cloth (low-ranking soldiers)