The projects listed below are social experiments in which the artist invites participants who meet the requirements for each different projects. The visual-driven projects involve performative elements recorded in photographs, videos, objects and drawings. Other than in the visual products, the focus is also on the individualism highlighted from each participant. Each outcome is different yet synonymous raising questions towards human conditions in a collective environment. 

The artist is approaching these projects in a manner of recruitments. Participants are encouraged to sign up for the army of fictional clans or characters created by the artist. 

Participants will not be paid neither they have to pay to be part of the projects. All images and videos taken are property of both the artist and the participants. Final outcome (objects, installation, photographs, etc) are property of the participants while the artist shares the rights to documentations.

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The Amazonians 


Identify their gender as male.

Drag occasionally, either for living or hobby.


Participant and the artist will meet in a space (outdoor or indoor) chosen by the participant. This venue should be a memorable site, a place where it means a lot to the participant. He is then required to drag in white with make ups and other accessories. He will be asked to perform with a bouquet of white lily, red thread and the day's newspaper. The participant can choose a music or two to accompany his series of actions. The performance will be documented in photographs which will be presented as 108 still images in ziplock bags. An text interview will be accompanying the project.


Miss Chili, March 2013, Singapore 

The Barsams


Identify their gender as male and ethnicity as Malay

Born in Singapore.


Participant will be photographed topless and asked to act out several expressions, for example happy, sad, nonchallant, angry, etc. The photographs will be used as digital collage which are turned into a series of animated figures. Participant is also required to give the artist several photographs of his home, preferably wide angel images, for example HDB blocks, roads, MRT station, etc. The final presentation will result in an moving digital images and ideally to be projected into an aquarium. 

More information here and sample of final piece here

Reza, July 2011, Singapore

Faryz, July 2011, Singapore

Aaren, August 2011, Singapore


The Teabaggers


Identify their gender as male.

Not Australian citizens but reside in Australia.

Born in other country than Australia.


Participant will be interviewed during which he is asked to draw his opinion of his home as an architecture and design. The artist will then record a less than five minutes video of the participant jumping with half of his body in a rice sack. The artist will create a sculptural wooden replica of his drawing and the video will be screened into the object. 

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The Waus


Identify their gender as male.

Malaysians of Chinese descent.


Participant will be asked to image his value of Power, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Speed and Luck, as if he were a game character. The artist will create a collage piece to be mounted on wood and the participant will be required to perform with the artwork, in any way he wants. He is to wear a personal polo shirt and a favorite underwear during performance which will be documented via photographs. 

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