There have been several projects in mind throughout the period of lockdown that are inspired by of course, my then state of residence post-graduation but also how popular culture, nico-nico and video gaming have helped me dealing with mental and physical trauma of 2020. There are three in particular that in recent days, I have realized that they could potentially be classified until an umbrella theme of transfer student. Although not by conscious decision nor direction, I have been interested in states of solitary, loneliness, adaptation, (un)familiarity and of course attempts of fitting in. 

The three works in mind can be summarized in the following plans:

1. working title: Reached

A performance-installation inspired by Naoshi Arakawa's 四月は君の嘘 (which has been popularized into Your Lie in April). The piece is projected to be borrowing its narrative of a male figure (presumably a pianist) sitting on a piano bench but without the musical instrument. Beneath him is a floor installation of paper collage constructed out of photographs of canelé, suggesting a shadow of the missing piano. The performer dressed in grey formal suit and pants wearing a broken glasses. Nearby, pieces of glass could be found on the floor accompanied by a baseball ball. The performance will lasts approximately 6 minutes before he retreats and appears again periodically. Throughout the live presentation of the work, he shall remain silent, staring onto the floor, counting the minutes in his head. I would like to see this as some sort of silent concert ala John Cage's 4'33.

This work in relation to 'transfer student' will focus on 'spring', marking graduation. 

2. working title: Waa!

A performance-installation inspired by Omoi's WAA!!! that involves a floor piece of handmade latch hook rugs, accompanied by a colorful sculptural dango. Nearby, a notice board, one that is commonly found in schools with notices but what stands out is a class list. A performer in what considered to be a formal school uniform is standing, as if he were reading the notices. Peculiar that he is attached with alien-like headress. He would perform a series of action- dancey sort of for an approximate of 3 minutes before retreating, and appearing again periodically. 

This work in relation to 'transfer student' will focus on 'winter', marking the first day of school. 

3. working title: 

This is the work that I am currently focusing in VSSL, inspired by Yoshitoki Ōima's 映画 聲の形 (popularized by its english title: A Silent Voice) but instead of focusing on the manga, I am adapting its 2016 film version directed by Naoko Yamada. The piece will involve a- or more, cardboard structure inspired by brick walls, a immortalized sign language of 'friends' as a sculpture accompanied by a live aspect. The performance will involve a male figure breaking pieces of bread onto a mini fish bowl. This work will involve audience participation as they are expected to be part of the work by 'ignoring' the performer and entering the space with a prulish blue X attached into their faces. 

This work in relation to 'transfer student' will focus on 'summer', marking school festival and summer holiday. 

Work#1 for instance, have been in development for a year, prior to graduation and lockdown and was initially planned to be presented in a group show in Dyson Gallery in May 2020. The subsequent works are accumulation of my experience and observation during the pandemic, but instead of focusing on health and the pandemic in itself, I feel what have been impacting me to greater deal are the lack of human relationship- also echoed by my recent breakup. But I feel loneliness- not just romantically but also in general, is one of the social issue resulted by the pandemic. At the cost of survival, we trade what might possibly be the most identifying feature of us as social beings- and while I try to avoid any sort of bias, I feel the works can be a form of dramatized, imagined conclusion of what it means, ultimately, to be a solitary social being, or in my case, to be a transfer student. 

By the period of this entry, UK has been on a continuous lockdown that is projected to last til spring and while my access to studio, material and collaboration have been very much limited, I'd like to use the current opportunities to really shape these three works, using the period to experiment on each and every element, re-watch and re-study, and re-experience the existing narratives that have inspired the development of the works. 

The space in VSSL gives me (though it may sound ironic), an encouraging solitary space for me to think and slowly pick up on the pieces that are currently still scattered around. So yeah, December has been very much quiet, the holidays are approaching, the cold are slowly sipping in but I think it is good for me to decide on some sort of aims at least for the coming months on which works to focus my energy and attention on- while of course still contionuing on my other experiments on the side.