The Equus Herds are tribes of demi humans of half men and half horses creatures. The alliance is formed by 5 clans which are the Ixions, the Barsams, the Svaðilfaris, the Buraqs and the Hayagrivas.

The Ixions are also known as the Summoners who are centaurs with horns, like the unicorns. The Barsams are the underwater creatures, half men and half seahorses. The Svaðilfaris are half men and half horses and the Buraqs and flying centaurs like the pegasus. Lastly, the Hayagrivas are horse-headed men. A sixth clan was added after the Masculine War, called The Sleipnirs who are a group of talking horses. 

The Equus Herds join the Masculine War after GYM requests for their help to fight against the Dragonhorses of Gordius. The centaurs are the cavalry, navy and aerial troops of the GYM army.

This project is aimed to be presented as a board game.

The Equus Herds



The Ixions



The Buraqs


The Hayagrivas




The Houyhnhnms


The Dragonhorses