Delivering an Order for You is a project of seventeen mail art initiated by Sabien Moore that is absed on the seventeen stages of mono myth. Each week starting the week of 4 May 2020, seventeen artists will mail a piece to a designated partner that by the end of the project, approximately the week of 30 August 2020, everyone would own a piece of each other's stories. 

I developed a narrative based on two abundantly available materials in my room during this state of nationwide lockdown- cardboxes and Nissin 出前一丁 instant ramen packaging. Delivering an Order for You borrows the instant ramen's mascot, 清仔 (Qingzai) which if were to be translated word by word, means Clear Boy. Each work will be a crafted tome-like sculpture from cardboxes and the visual journey of 清仔 will be told on its cover instead of the pages of the sculptures. 

Each week is a new narrative and is developed without specific planning of what will come next. 

week 1 - Call to adventure
week 2 - Refusal of the call
week 3 - Supernatural aid
week 4 - Crossing the first threshold
week 5 - Belly of the whale
week 6 - The road of trials
week 7 - Meeting with love
week 8 - Temptation
week 9 - Atonement with the father
week 10 - Apostasis
week 11 - The ultimate boon
week 12 - Refusal of return
week 13 - Magic flight
week 14 - Rescue for without
week 15 - Crossing the return threshold
week 16 - A master of two worlds
week 17 - Freedom to live