Asemka is from the Black Market region of Gordius who manages the steal half portion of his mannequin. As a thief, he travels around the South Eastern Land looking for treasures, especially the Sindar's. He often attends in socialites events in towns he visits only to either steal the guests' jeweleries or sell them imitations.

He has built himself a reputation as he is nicknamed The Impostor. When the Masculine War breaks, he disguises himself as Hero in a town in order to rip them off their wealth. He succeeds but loses everything once the GYM Army stops over in the town. He joins GYM after Hero spares him for the identity theft.

Old habits die hard, Asemka remains pickpocketing and selling fake jeweleries even after the war has ended. The only difference then is that he remains in Holy City of Gordius where he gets caught often but escapes every single time.

The Impostor bears the Chizoku Star (地賊) previously borne by Shí Qiān (时迁). In gensoS Suikoden, the star belongs to Krin, Hoi, Guillaume, Oskar and Roy.

photo collage - The Impostor