Paris is the guardian of Sindar Ruins and the antagonist of this series. She is a harpy who guards the treasure left by the lost civilization. She is driven to suicidal end before Ennis, Kazan, Joehn and Asemka together with Vinessa and Gina arrives because she is too tired of guarding the treasure. She fights initially but as she is losing, she is planning to activate the self destruct magic onto the ruin. Asemka shoots her hearts and she falls and on the verge of death. She thanks Asemka for ending her life and as she is engulfed in flame, she grants her power for him.

Paris is a cross narrative between Eichiro Oda's character Monet from One Piece and the death, presumably suicide, of the artist' aunt, Imelda Atmadibrata. Paris then becomes a personification of despair and unsuccessful sacrifice.

photo collage - The Starling

installation - Those who do good will get good things in return