Gordius is a belief centralized in mini continent south east of the Suikoden world. The Gordius is seen as a religion instead of a country while its administrative apparatus is called the Gordius Curia centralized in the Holy Cathedral of Gordius. Any areas, tribes, countries, etc that beliefs in the Gordius' teaching of the Adam Seed belongs to the church. The Adam Seed believes in absolute masculinity by holding up to the a third of the Rune of Gender, the Masculine Rune.

The church used to own all three fragments of the Rune of Gender but in order to retain balance upon its governance, it grants the Feminine Rune to the failed Gordius men of the Acorn Knighthood and the Hermaphroditic Rune to the rulers of Vitamin C Kingdom.

Gordius believes in a god, called Adam and manufactures mannequins which are objects of brain washing, birth control, warfare and defense. It also teaches the belief of absolute masculinity and accepts only male members.

The inspirations behind Gordius are, among many, dystopian novels of George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty Four and Aldous Huxley's 1932 Brave New World.


The Pope

The Cardinals

The Archbishops

The Patriachs



The Silver Knights



The Holy Cathedral of Gordius

The Bougainvillea Chapel



Sculpture Installation - Transparent Tree/Being

Performance - Conversation with a Mannequin