Zeddie Zeduran is one of Gordius Patriachs, a high ranking seat within the Holy Cathedral of Gordius hierarchy. His exceptionally good photogenic look makes him very famous among the men of Gordius and as a both powerful magician and close combatant, Zeddie is one of the most admired officials within the denomination itself. However, his fame is not favoured by the remaining Patriachs and Cardinals and it results in Zeddie being framed of treachery. He is eventually beheaded but his strength is even more apparent when he remains alive. His head disappears but his body remains standing. Out of fear and respect, the Gordius Patriachs decide that Zeddie's status is to be uphold. Since then, he wears a helmet to hide his headless figure but unable to speak. His head is later found by Hero during the escape from the Holy City and the separated bodies later reunites and he pledges loyalty to the Hero's resistance army.

His character design is inspired by the Irish legend of the headless knight, Dullahan, Ryohgo Narita's manga Durarara!!, the Headless Priest of Jeruk Purut which is an urban legend from Jakarta, Tite Kubo's character Hollow from Bleach, Washington Irving's 1820 short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, an area in Jakarta named Slipi and last but not least, the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Zeddie Little and Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in the Wonderland.

He fights with a scythe that expands like a whip.


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Gan                 Gan Cean         Gan Ceannnnnnnn

He bears the Tenmen Star (天滿) also known as the Star of Abundance or the Fulfillment Star. It was of Zhū Tóng (朱仝) in original version before placed onto Cleo, Feather/Siegfried/Abizboah, Juan, Paula and Dinn in Konami's five installments of genso Suikoden. In Tierkreis the star belongs to Diadora. 

photo - The Head