The Gyps are identifiable by their white clothes and baby's breath flowers growing out of their heads. They developed cannons as their weapons, similarly constructed like those found in real-life ship's artillery. Baby's Breath is a kin to Chinese Milk Vetch, who shares similar traits. Chinese Milk Vetch is currently on development.

The cannoneers joined GYM Resistance Army after Gordius deployed their Black Parade Operation. They provide the army with long distance heavy weapons of explosives.

Within the social context, this series visually discusses children's innocence by paying close reference to 2008 China melamine scandal.


video - cry #1

performance - cry #2

performance - cry #3

performance - cry #4

photograph - half born

painting - nino bobo

drawing - apraxia

performance - umbilical

drawing - baby's breath

readymade - spoiled


The Pied Piper


The Jizo