The artist is looking for participants who:

Identify their gender as male.

Not citizens of Australia but reside in the country.

Born in other countries than Australia.

The participant will be interviewed and recorded as audio file. After which, he will be asked to draw what he perceives as a house, either in forms of architecture or design.  

Here is a draft sample of a possible drawing.

The artist will then turn this drawing into sculptural wooden object.  

Here is a draft sample of the transformation. 






Finally, the artist will ask the participant to performed a simple action. The participant will be topless and his bottom half will be in a rice sack. He will then jump and his actions will be videotaped. This performance will last about 2-5 minutes. 

Here is a sample of the action taped in video.

Ideally, the final outcome will be the video projected into the sculpture, accompanied with the audio file of the interview.