Ko-obor is one of the four Aphrodisiacs of the Terro Plains. He is the guardian of the area's sylph, The Tea Baggers. He spends much of his time sleeping on a tree and bears the Waking Rune. Despite so, Ko-obor is the army's cartographer as he seeks to complete the map os South East. He brawls during combat and occasionally seeks help from his Phoellic, the Red Eagle.  


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Flying Turtle      Secret Wish Fish      Pink Flowered Cactus

He bears the Chikou Star (地耗) also known as the Star of Courage or the Rat Star. It was of Bái Shèng (白勝) in original version before placed onto Templeton, Rody, Haruto and Takamu in Konami's five installments of genso Suikoden. In Tierkreis the star belongs to Tongatihi. 

performance - Kayu Putih

performance - Kayu Putih