Mas Keong was known as Keong Mas, a group of creatures taking the form of snails. The snails were initially habitats of the Spiral Village, located not very far from Falena.


These creatures are extremely cold blooded, spending their cold weather hibernating in their shells. During warm seasons, they would appear humanoid, of what seems to be female figures. They have slender bodies, hair that is rarely short and breast with spiral nipples like their shells. The Spiral Village are known for their exceptional cuisines, known as Lumaconi. Other known dishes include Conchiglie and Conchiglioni. Many travelers joke about Keong Mas being the perfect housewives.


The creatures are hermaphrodites, allowing them to self-fertilize. They would lay between one to three white colored eggs. Reproduction period from fertilization to birth takes as long as the solar year. The shapes of the eggs resemble eight-pointed stars which will spurt out strands of hair and they would spiraled, forming the exoskeleton of the mollusk.


Keong Mas are generally peaceful creatures. The Spiral Village is famous for travelers to spend a night or two for their cuisines. The creatures would trade daily necessities through the flow of travelers. However, in times of potential danger and invasion, the creatures are known to adapt Fire Rune excessively. In times of defense, they would spiral back into their shells, which are extremely difficult to break.


The ancestor of these creatures are not known but they have lived alongside humans as long as anyone can remember.


Around the period of IS 215, not long after the Queendom of Falena was established, The Queen then, who according to birth timeline, might have been the great-great-grandmother of Olhazeta Falenas, used the Sun Rune to 'punish' a nearby city. The impact of the rune extends to Spiral Village and it changed the life of the Keong Mas. Due to heat radiation, the creatures turned glistening yellow and they were embedded with a potential derivative of the Sun Rune called the Helix Rune. Ever since, new born Keong Mas have suffered the same condition.

The Helix Rune functions similarly like the Sun Rune but on an acutely minor scale. This frightens travelers and villagers to get in contact with the creatures. They then covered their bodies with symbols to hide away the cursed rune printed on the back of their right hands.


The mutation extends beyond the shells but also the humanoid state of the creatures. They become what humans see it as masculine characteristic as their body becomes larger and more muscular, flattened breasts and grow penis. This does not occur instantly but evolve on a slow pace up to several generations. What remains is their typical long hair, which has turned yellowish over the years. 


The power of the Sun Rune left Spiral Village partially destroyed. It was almost impossible for Keong Mas to stay there anymore and they were nomadic for over a hundred years towards an area where the Masculine War would occur in around IS 3400. They established a new settlement called the Helix Village and has been since lived there, functioning similarly as Spiral Village where travelers would visit for their famous cuisines.


As their appearance has become masculine, they are currently known as Mas Keong. They were involved in the Masculine War against Gordius, contributing to the GYM Resistance Army as notably Chisyu and Chizou stars, among the rest.