Féng Méng is Hou Yi's apprentice from the Moonlight Village. When GYM requests Moonlight Dojo to join the resistance, both accomplished archers agree. The duo are involved in the Ten Suns incident during the war and Féng Méng was granted the power of Xihe. His constant jealousy for Hou Yi made use of the situation to kill Hou Yi right after the battle, but he still loses to his master. He escapes GYM and joins Gordius eventually as a plan to kill Hou Yi.

Despite so, Féng Méng is inactive during the war, minimally supporting Gordius army and Gordius simply uses him for his Phoellic power. Closed to the final battle, Féng Méng managed to ambush Hou Yi's troops and engages him in one-on-one battle. Hou Yi is still more powerful than him, but realizes that his jealousy will not go away. Hou Yi surrenders and Féng Méng kills him with Hou Yi's club made out of peach tree which Wu Gang has created for him.

After successfully killing Hou Yi, Féng Méng takes his place and aids GYM during the final battle.

After the war, he returns to Moonlight Village where he becomes the new master and builds a shrine to his former master.

He replaces Hou Yi as the bearer of Tenmou Star (天猛), the Fierce Star (天猛星). In the original Shui Hu Zhuan, this star belongs to Qín Míng (秦明). In genso Suikoden, this star belongs to Kwanda Rosman, Kiba Windamier, Shiba, Axel, Boz Wilde, Vaslof and Bohrudon.

original folklore - The Story of Féng Méng

photo collage - Féng Méng