Hu Tianbao is the rabbit who has lived on the Moon before Sierra arrives. His whereabouts is unknown but after he meets Sierra, he manages to create anti-floatation pill, a reverse pill of what Sierra had taken in the Moonlight Village.

With this pill, Sierra engages him and Wu Gang, the carpenter to aid Hou Yi and Feng Meng. He eventually joins GYM together with the archers.

After Hou Yi and Feng Meng's rapture to the Moon, he discovers mortality pill. He, together with Wu Gang and the rest of the immortal men from the Blue Moon Village take the pill. Satisfied with their mortality, they moved east from the Moonlight Village and resides in a small island called Tsou. Eventually, the men lost their fairness and become tanned.

What happens to him next has yet to be written.

Hu Tianbao bears the Chirei Star (地靈) also known as the Efficacious Star (地靈星). In the original Shui Hu Zhuan, this star belongs to Ān Dàoquán (安道全) also known as the Divine Physician (神醫). In genso Suikoden, this star belongs to Fukien, Tuta, Carrie, Murad, Zahra and Kiaro.

original folklore - The Story of Hu Tianbao

photo collage - Pink Moon Rabbit

photo collage - Pink Sky Rabbot