Mah Ta is a Psychiccer from Tower of Knowledge who is constantly waiting for someone who never arrives and eventually joins the Far East Army during the Delta Conflict. Mah Ta wears a loose white shirt with along tie and black boxers with a pair of black socks and a glove. His eyes are never seen as he wears a pair of glasses covered in opaque white lenses and sometimes is found to be wearing a brownish maroon blazer. As a Psychiccer, he fights with mental energy although he is a master of fist combat. However, his biggest contribution to the army is in providing invincible guards that nullify Kooluk's magical attacks. After the war he returns to Tower of Knowledge. 

He bears the Ten'i Star (天異also known as Deviance Star. It belonged to Liu Tang (刘唐) in original version before was passed onto Kage, George Prime, Aila and Keen in Konami's five installments of genso Suikoden. In Tierkreis the star belongs to Dogha and Numistara bears it in Tsumuji. 

Mah Ta is in memory of Koh Masaki (1983-2013). 


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performance/installation - Nothing can be done