Sangkuriang is the main protagonist of the legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

In the adaptation towards Masculine War, he is a Gordius who lives within the Black Market settlement. As a Smoker, he heards of the Phoelic Clan and heads to the Whiteland to find them. He ends up in Queen Crater at Mount Tangkuban Perahu where he meets Tumang, Dayang Sumbi and Paul.

After Dayang Sumbi reveals her true form as the White Crane, she gives her power to him, granting him a role in the Phoelic Clan as he is now a summoner of a fiery aviary creature. However, he does not join the clan but stays with Tumang and Paul at Queen Crater.

He joins the war as Chikei Star 地刑 also known as the Execute Star 地刑星. He takes over Zen, Bob, Sanae Yamamoto, Kevin and Subala from gensoSuikoden and Darrow from Tierkreis. The original Shui Hu Zhuan 水滸傳, this star belongs to Zhang Qing, nicknamed Gardener 菜園子. This star is numbered 102nd.

After the war, he returns to Queen Crater with Tumang and Paul where they take care of Dayang Sumbi's chapel.

performance - The Smoker Who Prays To A Burning Boat

performance - The Smoker Who Burns A Cross

performance - The Smoker Who Watches A Cross Burning On A Boat

performance - The Smoker Who Stands On A Mountain

video performance - The Smoker Who Kicks A Boat

video performance - The Smoker Who Becomes A Mountain