Xu Dai is known as the Thousandth-Year Monster. He was two good friends named Xu and Dai who were exposed to the radiation of the True Fire Rune explosion caused by the Flame Champion. A very tiny part of the rune, Fire Rune Pieces got itself attached to the two men and they died mysteriously, at the same time. They were wealthy men.

Xu and Dai were like brothers so they were buried together. To everyone's astonishment, they rose from the grave, taking the form of what seemed to be half bird half man, with two heads.

They lost consciousness of what they were before and started attacking the villagers. Xu Dai, as people then called the creature, vanished and took residence in an ancient ruin within Cloverfield. They absorbed the chlorophyll of the clovers, causing the Cloverfield and its inhabitants to suffer.

The chief of Alma Kinan learnt of this incident and dispatched three shamans to subdue them. The three shamans, together with five other heroes successfully sealed Xu Dai. Ever since, he is sealed within the Cloverfield area called Bukit Brown.

During Masculine War, a Phoellic from Gordius learns the myth of Xu Dai and planned to turn him into his summon. He succeeded and Xu Dai joins the Gordius Army fighting against GYM.

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