Tiko Bonau is a ninja from Gordius who bears the Black Pig Rune. His character is designed from the observation of racial conflict between the Chinese and Malay Indonesians through names calling . 'Tiko' is what the Chinese often calls the Malays, while it is used on daily basis, it can be literally translated into 'black pig'. Not any better, 'Bo Nau' is also frequently used alongside the degrading word which means 'no brain' in Chinese dialect. While keeping this in mind, this character is also a result of wordplay between pig and sea urchin, which in Bahasa Indonesian is called, bulu babi or pig's hair in English. Comparing the two animals, the artist plays around the idea of social and economical comparison between the two social group and references towards a Javanese black magic practice of Babi Ngepet can also be found. 'Babi Ngepet' is a practice where a male would turn into a pig or boar to steal his neighbors' fortune.

drawings - The Urchin

performance - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf