The idea of using Vitamin C came up during a trip to Stockholm in February 2012 for the art fair. It was freezing and snowing, and drinking vitamin c (in forms of Redoxon) was one way to 'survive' the cold. So I came up with a simple actions, performed in the booth.














For the residency, I've proposed to look into the presence of masculinity through the lens of Lachan Bachor or Lakambakod. As I do my research, compile materials and experiment on them, I keep this in mind:

The phallic god.

The protector of the growing crops and healer of diseases.

Most commercial Vitamin C is made from corn.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for humans.

I have also bought several items from home, which are corns, yellow/orange stick notes and plastic yellow crystals. Not very sure if I will be using them.

The night before I flew, I took several of these photos.