As part of the residency too, we organized an installation/performance workshop where we used found materials to create pieces of creative products within a time limit of two hours or so. The attendance was good and I was particularly inspired by this piece, created by Joseph Gabriel, also known as Jazz. He was part of the group show I was involved in there as well. 





I fell in love with the material, shape, rafia string and everything about the sculpture. I brought it up to where we stayed and collected the remaining carton boxes and yellow strings from the workshops and played around with them. It resulted with the following. There was not really any particular direction or forms that I was looking for while making the works. Basically was playing around with a more sculptural works, which I rarely create.












There were more of those carton forms that I came up with. I kind of enjoyed making them, during morning meeting with the artists, rest slots between installing the show, etc. Also, I could not bear seeing materials lying around, so picked them up and turned them into something.

Likewise, the rafia strings. There were a lot of them left behind and one of the most interesting facts about going to a residency as a group is, you'll get to communicate with other artists, very closely. So one of them, Li Cassidy-Peet put these strings between my toes. Did not really mean anything in particular, but somehow I was quite drawn into them.