Started to install the works for the show and somehow, banana comes in play again. In fact, I did a bit of research of this specific type called the Saba. Those are short and stumpy ones and I managed to find them off the shelves in nearby supermarket. Bought and served a couple to the artists, and the Philippines friends. The locals were not used to eat the Saba, raw. Usually they are cooked or steamed, or part of a dish. That aside, all bananas, short or long, stumpy or thin sure are phallic.

Also I did a very quick search on the google, and found this here, it shows the different types of bananas.  

During the few lunches we had in the local restaurant, serving local food, there was this dish that was cooked with banana heart. And ta-dah, I found them in the supermarket. Bought them out of fascination and did a little of surgery on it, in fact it was totally destroyed afterwards, but was even more fascinated by the arrangements within the layers of the heart.

It ended with a dagger-like form, in which I could not peel even further, cause it was way too small. Then the 'young' bananas, they also looked like seeds, male seeds or sperm.

Decided to play around further by incorporating the rafia strings onto the peeled layers. Ended up with several shapes.