I was introduced to Wolfgang Laib, a German conceptual artist who created this series of works using pollen. Beautiful. Image beside and more about him here

Apart from the three dimensional carton works, I also came up with a series of two dimensional, or flat works. They are of collages, from the nature, mostly leaves and corns.

Likewise, they are not considered to be actual finished products, but more of exploration towards materials, and visual presentations on my imagination towards Lachan Bachor.
Hence the title, Lachan Bachor, they are simply what I would think if the god existed, what I would be preparing for him if I were a worshiper. 

I attempted to work with this recycled paper which are seemed to be very common in the Philippines. Also Vitamin C, but I could not get a single Redoxon there, instead I use orange flavored drink powder.

Another long list of images below, enjoy.