There is a lot of planning and manufacturing of the wooden base for the collage works I am working on here in Jakarta. But related to residency works, I have made sketches which has evolved pretty much over sketches and started manufacturing the wooden bases.

The below three are the first sketches of the base. They were planned to be built in Sungai Buloh but I managed to get them assembled in Jakarta instead.

There were some changes that were applied to the second sketch.


First batch of samples were delivered but I sent them back for minor adjustment. This should be finalized by next week.


This will be the base of The Wau. I am adding another layer of the crescent shapes hence the small piece of wood be sandwiched- hence covered.

The piece is to be held by a performer- which in this case me and photographed within the natural environment of Rimbun Dahan when I get back.


Similarly, these are for the herbs works- but the woodman forgot to attach the holder.