My last week in Jakarta before I head back to Rimbun Dahan (finally!). I managed to finish up the works for 花儿为什么这样红- which includes the two sword-looking collages accompanied by twenty something smaller pieces. This means I am ready for them to be photographed in RD when I get back- and one work done.




These are the smaller pieces which come in a set of 22. I have not decided exactly how to install them but these are the works based on Capsicum or chili padi.




I realized the air trapped between the wood and the paper collage once they are attached to each other by water-based glue, which is visually distracting. But I managed to pressed weight onto them and they are looking much better now.



The wooden handle allows the piece to be carried in various manners, almost like a tonfa- which will gives flexibility when the works are documented alongside the human figure in the natural environment of Rimbun Dahan.

The tonfas or swords come int two different set of color hues. The yellow orange is Etlingera; the ground torch ginger while the pink purple is Zingiber; the more widely recognizable torch ginger.