Finally back in Rimbun Dahan and working on the live element of the works. I have also made several changes and additions to the works I am producing by the end of the residency. I did a trial shooting, which unfortunately did not turn out the way I envisioned the works to be, and will be getting a photographer to take the images by the end of the week instead.

I am happy to have finished all the paper cut out, thousands of them! I've also completed the two samples of the Wau, finishing up on the recruitment project. In short, things are summing up pretty on schedule in this second last week in Rimbun Dahan.


Work #1: (title might change) I am still a little bit unsure regarding the title for this work, which was stated in the previous week. Hopefully I can come up with a decision by next week.

This is the twin ginger-inspired collages which are created from the keris image of an old Rm1 coin. It has been a great experiment in creating collage works which can be utilized as performance materials- where the works themselves do not have to be hung on the wall as its presentation method.

I have had thoughts of having works which are completed with the support of a live element (performance, or performer), whether the works are as props- or child-like imaginary weapon as this one.

The photographs however though were badly shot, and I will  be creating a performance-like in the weekend instead of a series of still photographs.









Work #2: (title might change)

This one is the works inspired by the chili padi- pretty much similar to the above. I had difficulties in installing the work, and these images are trials.

On the more positive side though, I am happy to create these abstract-approached pieces, modular forms that can be played out in different manners. Maybe I should just leave them the way they are, hence a puzzle-like work instead of a passive piece.



Meanwhile in the studio, I was playing around with possibilities to install the works.

More photos on so-called finalised installation next week.




Work #3: Comet

This is the last addition to the residency works. The character will be holding on to the two circular gold collage- which unfortunately can't be seen clearly in the trial photographs here.

As mentioned I will be reperforming the work this weekend.


Works in the studio has been great and by schedule. The two moon shaped wood have been covered by the collage, although there have been mistakes and results have not been up to expectation.

Several things that I have taken notice of is the importance of sharp blade in cutting the paper collages- which difference can be spotted in the two images below. Due to the nature of the collage itself, it is vital to have the blade to be at its sharpest point.



The paper on the right is cut by sharp blade, which is in comparison, look way better than the one above, with the rather dull blade.

I have also tried two different glue, one is water-based paper glue and another glue stick and the latter work miraculously. Will definitely stick to this in the future.



One of the main issue with this kind of collage works is the ripple it creates as the collage grows in size. Like the image on the left, the ripples are pretty horrendous-looking, however it can be repaired, only difficult.

I tried to settle them on a table, once again, I am rather confused with the presentation of it as an object. Will be implementing them into performance photographs as well.

Images below are some of the process in the making of the collage and mounting them on wood.






Once the sample is finished, this brings me back to the arrangement of the recruitment project. I have come up with this formula:

1. Identify as male
2. Of Chinese descent and Malaysian residents.

1. Racial inequality in Malaysia, especially in regards to one's experience as a Chinese
2. Masculine identity of a Chinese ethnic in Malaysia
3. Resolution, what works and what doesn't, what pulls and what pushes

1. Participants will decide on the size of the circular shape
2. Participants will decide on the side of the tide (crescent shape)
3. Participants will decide on the percentage of the colors with these RPG-game-like elements in mind:

a. RED : Attack power
b. BLUE : Magic power
c. LIGHT BLUE : Speed, Dexterity, Evasion rate
d. CHARCOAL: Attack Defense
e. GREEN : Magic Defense

f. GOLD : Luck

After these information are gathered, I will create the work and get them to pose wearing their personal POLO TEE + BOXER SHORTS or BRIEFS (UNDERWEAR).

The works will be the participants' while the photographs are shared between the artist and them. 

The elements for Bad Apple are also ready to be performed by the weekend.