I supposed everything happens for a reason. Hitsuzen. 

I received news regarding my father's passing late last week and I am recently updating this week's entry from Jakarta. 

His death was tragic, in fact it came an unexpected news as he took his own life last Saturday. 

Rather ironic that during the period where I am very interested in the general theme of death, also suicide, life projected it as a personal experience for me. 

On the side note, I will only return to Tokyo on the week after the open studio, which means the work presented for the open studio will change.


Work #1: Their Destiny Was Foreordained

medium: website 

The site is almost 'complete'. I think I decided to change the layout for the presentation a little bit. 

But in the mean time, it is here:








Work #2: A New Dawn Has Come

medium: sketches of performance in an installation in the forms of mixed media collages  

One of the recurring images for this project will be a black circle. I managed to complete coloring 666 pieces of them and was planning to create a gif works with them. 

One looks somehow like this:

Work #3: Melchsee

medium: performance

-no development for the piece this week-

Work #4: Jour de la Promesse (The Promised Day)

medium: installation of drawings and paper sculptures in a water sink with sculpture/costumed performance 

-no development for the piece this week-

Work #5: The Pudding and Muscle Rider

medium: drawings  

-no development for the piece this week-

Work #6: propos d'un garçon (about a boy)

medium: performance in an installation with hand made paper brooches.

-no development for the piece this week-