It is open studio week. I decided to present the very much simplified and unfinished version of the website, in which I will be 'performing' in Jakarta, replying with the answers given by the audience in TWS with quotes from X, Gantz, Death Notes and Psyren among many. 

The installation looks somehow like this.


The set up is also accompanied by a 'soundtrack' from Gantz.  I hope it personifies death in one way or another, but not entirely bleak and slightly comic. 

The website has changed quite a bit too. I modified it so that it is suitable and simple enough to communicate with the audience during the open studio. I removed all the unnecessary features, stripping it completely to question and answer platform between the machine, audience and an unknown entity, or the so-called 'performer'. 





I hope there will be active participation from the audience during the open studio. 

It is definitely far from what I expected it to be especially with the lacking of works on paper, performance sketches and sculptural pieces which I had prepared before hand and intended to be completed during week 10 and week 11. However, I hope to get something out of this at the end of the open studio and complete the work in week 12 and the short week 13 once I am back in Tokyo. 

The results of today's interaction were minimal, but many are quite interesting. 


I hope the audience could get something out of the simple set up today. Will be back in Tokyo next week to finish up the works on paper and touching up the deserted pieces. :)