Last day in Tokyo. I managed to set up the works that I have completed during the last few days and presented them as an installation- sort of. 

The works documented below are far from what I had expected, and I feel it is more appropriate for them to be considered as sketches for a bigger installation/performance piece.

Having said that, I feel that these few days, and while installing these smaller pieces, things have really gotten together. It`s like experiencing hitsuzen. 

Minori (and also everyone else) was welcoming me back with Okaeri, which also a phrase I included in the work at Shibuya. Heading home tomorrow, makes the idea of `welcome home` even more ironic yet appropriate. 

I did not have the plan to create works or to have an experience of three months that is so emotionally charged. Daisuke, an ex-TWS staff shared with me about what he felt regarding the two works of mine he managed to come across (one at Shibuya and another the set up for open studio) and he did mention the projection of emotion, or involvement of emotion in the making process. It was not plan, definitely was not structured to be such. However, it seems to have reminded me of things (sincerity and honesty, maybe) which I might have left out in my previous works. 

In conclusion, the past three months to be honest I have been complacent (shown in the few galleries I visited, compared to the short 2 weeks I was here seven years ago) but a series of events and discoveries and encounters led me to present these works below. I feel that they have great potential (and fingers crossed that it will become a reality) to be further developed and presented again in completion in near future. Furthermore, ttaying in Tokyo for three months have also allowed me to gather materials to be processed into more works, hence production and exploration does not stop here. 

Ultimately, I am extremely thankful for Tokyo Wonder Site for this great opportunity. Imamura-san, Yuko, Minori, Ayumi, Fumiko and Minami who have been extremely helpful and encouraging. The guards at ARTS Kikukawa, Yui my translator, Ewerthon for the insight, Emma for the coffee, Raul for sharing three months, Natale for dinner chats, other residents whom I had not the chance to speak in greater extend, Rin for your concerts and last but not least Jaz for the endless arty farty discussions. I hope to be back. :)