I think I have decided on the works that I am going to produce. Here will be the list and eventually for the next couple of weeks, the format of subsequent entries will be similar. 

I don't think I can finish everything by open studio (14th November) or even when the residency ends in a month time. But let's see. Woking really hard now :)

Work #1: Their Destiny Was Foreordained

medium: website visualized by QR code

So, the programmer has come back to me regarding the new outlook of the site. I've requested several adjustments.  

Work #2: A New Dawn Has Come

medium: sketches of performance in an installation in the forms of mixed media collages  

I think this is the largest piece I come up with for this residency. It is going to be an installation of hundreds black paper tablets installed as a circling short fences with (thousands?) black gachapons in it. Among the gachapons will be a nude man, hairless to be present in the middle of the space. Accompanying it will be a series of collages and drawings as sketches. 









The works on paper will be accompanied with drawings of utility poles. These seem to be everywhere in Tokyo, which is apparent in all of the manga I am referring. Images of death is usually depicted with broken street lamps, and battles among superheroes always ae uncommon to take place on top of these poles.  

Work #3: Melchsee

medium: performance

This will be the next piece which I was planning to present alongside the website for the open studio. It is a performance by two male performers in the middle of a room installed with black paper circles. One performer will have a pair of paper butterfly wings on his lower back while the other on his upper chest, right below the throat. 









The works are crayons on paper, which I wanted to try mixing it with ink. It seems to be working..  

Work #4: The Strength and the Star

medium: drawings and paper sculptures 

This is where the star-shaped origamis will be part of. It is the work that is derived from Kusanagis Shiyu's Tarot card of the Star and I try to include his romantic affair in the manga with Yuzuriha Nekoi but in the form of her inugami (dog spirit). 

Work #5: The Pudding and Muscle Rider

medium: drawings  

I supposed nothing has changed much for this. Muscle Rider will be the same two images, only enlarged. While the Pudding has gone through slight changes. I will remove the paper pudding and replacing them with actual half-eaten pudding and the drawings of the boys will be of their heads only. 

Work #6: propos d'un garçon (about a boy)

medium: performance in an installation with hand made paper brooches.

This is the work which if I have the chance to present my residency back in Jakarta, will be the one I'm presenting. It is the work that is very closely linked to Sakakibara. It will take form of a sand installation in a room where I will be presenting movement-based performance, dressed as how Sakakibara dresses in his website. The performance will be soundtracked by Yumi Matsutoya's Suna No Wakusei. Preparing for this, I am planning to attend Kudo Taketeru's butoh workshop before I fly back. 

Audiences will be given a paper brooch to be worn when they watch the performance. The brooches is inspired by the logo of comme des garcon PLAY, designed by Polish artist, Filip pagowski. In this version, the eyes are infected, an idea I got from the image of masturbation. Sakakibara talked about jerking off a lot in his book and website, and I try to visualize the pain (and pleasure, maybe) of cumming when the sperm shoots towards the eyes. 




Next week I will be focusing on the special project of Shibuya Eggs that I am presenting in. So the whole entry of week 7 is going to be out of all of these but of a separate work, which I am entirely very grateful to be able to produce as they are in memory of Koh Masaki.