Early this week we had a meeting on who got to be in which space for the open studio. It is not going to be huge, as we have to share half of the studio with nine artists. I got the space behind the studio, which is by the sink and washing machines, rubbish bins and narrow pathways to toilet. 

Ideally, I wanted to create a room using two L shaped movable walls as to present Melschee performance and installation in it. However, I think the space is not going to be enough for everyone hence I thought taking the space by the sink will work. 

My current idea is to create a shrine focusing on the work The Strength and the Star. The two water pipes will be turned on and water will constantly drip, eventually creating a puddle. Above it, I will install paper stars. 

I am not particularly sure how this will turn out, I might have dug my own grave with this choice but seems like a challenge and it kind of excites me at this very moment. 

I will also install a music from Gantz in one of the washing machines, the three drawings from Puddings and two drawings from Muscle Rider. 

The website will be presented as QR codes, printed as flyers. 

I think for the open studio, I will focus on the chapter where Sakakibara washed the head of his victim, before proceeding to commit masturbation with it. The basins, toilet and washing machinese kind of propose the idea of washing and cleaning, almost like washing the sins, sort of a ritual of resurrection. I think lighting and sound will play a major role in this presentation.  

My only worry is the color of the wall facing the basin which is creamy yellow. This means I have to introduce a hint of bright colors to the installation, something which I have yet to consider.  







Work #1: Their Destiny Was Foreordained

medium: website visualized by QR code

I managed to find the online scan (english translated) of X/1999 volume 13, where the question: Why is it wrong to kill human was asked. 
























Work #2: A New Dawn Has Come

medium: sketches of performance in an installation in the forms of mixed media collages  

I think this is the largest piece I come up with for this residency. It is going to be an installation of hundreds black paper tablets installed as a circling short fences with (thousands?) black gachapons in it. Among the gachapons will be a nude man, hairless to be present in the middle of the space. Accompanying it will be a series of collages and drawings as sketches. 







Work #3: Melchsee

medium: performance

This will be the next piece which I was planning to present alongside the website for the open studio. It is a performance by two male performers in the middle of a room installed with black paper circles. One performer will have a pair of paper butterfly wings on his lower back while the other on his upper chest, right below the throat. 

Other than this, I have not developed anything further for this piece. 

Work #4: Jour de la Promesse (The Promised Day)

medium: installation of drawings and paper sculptures in a water sink with sculpture/costumed performance 

This will be the work that I will be presenting for open studio. It is a translation of X involving three characters, Kusanagi, Yuzuriha and Inuki which I will be presenting ina  form of a shrine. The water sink will be a visual form of Tarot's the Star, where the two water flowing non stop. 

And yeap, I have also changed the title. 

Added the red eye shading to the Inugami drawing (yes, it took me two weeks to do that, shame I know). 


I tried to see if it is possible to be drowned in the sink. The height seems perfect. 

Work #5: The Pudding and Muscle Rider

medium: drawings  

I'm preparing for the third drawing for the heads. 

Work #6: propos d'un garçon (about a boy)

medium: performance in an installation with hand made paper brooches.

-no development for the piece this week-