site specific costumed performance with heels, paper fin and pink cap with paper horns accompanied by plastic pacifiers, 45 minutes.

performed at Dataran Cendol, Melaka, Malaysia for Melaka Arts and Performance Festival, curated by Tony Yap, 2017.

photo documentation by Aziz Amri.

Forever A Violent Man is a movement piece inspired by Dellinger, a minor character from Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga who was first introduced in 2015. The performer is almost like a savage predator to the contrast of his infant-like, eccentric costume.
Dellinger in the manga is the youngest ever character to join a villainous pirate crew- being as young as one year old. He eventually turned very violent- almost as if he was not given any other choice. Despite his nature, he appears very feminine by walking on high heels- one that is considerably very woman-like.
The movement-based piece is a response to this character with movements that are also accompanied by screeching and coughing sound. It reeks desperation and clearly, violence that might have been a natural response from the real-life figure of the performer behind the character he is playing.