duet performance with Aziz Amri wearing deconstructed plastic coat as bespoke costume, e-collar, gold paint, ceramic vase and a bootleg action figure, 100 minutes.

performed site-specific at Batu Curug Templek, Bandung, Indonesia, for Bandung International Performing Arts Festival, curated by Deden Bulenk, 2017

photo documentation by Alan Schacher.

The emperor died soon after struggles between two supposedly very contrasting ideals.
Performed in a duet, the two masculine bodies begin in two different heights, one that highlights vertical axis, and another more horizontal. The spiritually enhanced piece is motivated by Genbu, the Oriental constellation depicted as a turtle entwined with a snake. Two characters who are very much different yet share similarities in their biology eventually meets in the intersection- a site that has been carefully chosen as a meeting point of the waterfall with the streams of Curug Batu Templek. A duels commences that is injected with homoerotica and results in fatigue.
Within social context, the characters are designed with medical elements- both traditional and modern that it hints a plea to compromise socio-politcal differences and their dilemmas.