performance with cartoon shower cap, medical tourniquets, blue plastic bag, liquid soap, shower mat, stainless steel shower valves and pink lollipops accompanied by a live recording of coughs played in loop, 15 minutes, 2022-2023. 

premiered at The Island, Bristol, UK for One Hundred Nights of Loneliness, curated by Illeana Ghergina, 2022.

performed for the second time at Live Art Development Agency, London, UK for Intersect, curated by Benjamin Sebastian, 2023.
performed for the third time at Kresno Selo Cultural Center, Sofia, BG for Sofia Underground, curated by Ivo Ivanov, 2023.
performed for the fourth time at Stadsgården, Stockholm, SE for SUPERMARKET, curated by Tal Gilad, 2023.
performed for the fifth time at h.ARTsland Gallery, London, UK for Molasses Vases curated by Rachel Lonsdale, Max Melvin, Sarah-Athina Nahas and Jinia Tasnin.
performed for the sixth time at SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad, RS for International Multimedia Arts Festival, curated by Nenad Bogdanovic, 2023.
performed for the seventh time at Contact, Manchester, UK for Emergency, curated by Word of Warning, 2023.

photo documentation by Illeana Ghergina, Darren Ollerton, Natalia Damigou-Papoti, Cai Qing, Tal Gilad, Jose Figueroa, Massimo Sannelli, Silvia Marcantoni and Jake Lewis.

video documentation by Darren Ollerton, Rachel Lonsdale, Sarah-Athina Natas, Nenad Bogdanovic and Tamsin Drury.

translated into Breach Blast (study of Bismarck), pencil cutouts and colored tissue paper on paper, 21x29.7cm, series of 36, 2022-2023. 

"Easy to see why he received the anglers' apotheosis."
A male figure enters the space carrying a comparably striking blue plastic bag compared to his generally greyish, banal outfit. He takes out two pink lollipops, one in each hand and slowly putting them into his mouth. He starts to suck the sweets gently but at times switches pace, almost ferociously, distorting his lips and cheeks.
A smiley cute cartoon shower cap then appears from the bag followed by a set of medical tourniquets. He wraps them around his left arm, slowly turning it purple, and pinkish blue. He then picks up his mobile device and starts coughing while recording it live and then playing it on loop. He then sandwiches his cartoon companion in between his thighs and awkwardly walks towards a previously installed bath mat.
As he squats down reaching it, he starts soaping as his hands slowly foams. He then takes off the tourniquets, revealing skins distinctly marked in colors. As the purplish red slowly disappears, the performance ends.

His Fishies Friends Are Sticking Around is motivated by veins, their color, their function, their importance to life but above all, their eroticism. The work also refers to actions and images that hint towards meth injections or also commonly known as slamming within gay culture. Also borrowing inspirations from adolescent’s imaginations such as colored narwhals- or perhaps the unicorn of the sea as well as video game narratives, thematically, it follows the artist'sconstant interest in puberty’s imagination and sexual awakening.