"I will share your pain with you" utters the Summoner as Anima, an aeon created out of- pain is called upon. The sacrificed soul takes a physical form of a chained monster as she is being pulled out of the ground, ready to accompany the Summoner in battles. Borrowing the mentioned narrative from Square Enix's Final Fantasy X, the two hours performance piece re-imagine Anima as the masculine body perform repetitive act motivated by agony and labor. He is accompanied by a limbless action figure of Paine, a female knight from the narrative's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. Surrounding him is a landscape of twigs and aluminium foil, suggesting a scene of the otherworldly which is dramatized by the looping Hymn of Fayth unique to Anima and her in-game residence, Baaj Temple.

performance - I will share your pain with you


The Soul


The Silver Dove