Shin is one of the two characters for たけくらべ. His character is taken from Higuchi Ichiyō's work and portrays a Japanese influenced design of a Shinto priest and an Aikido practitioner. He wears a white gi and black obi and stands on a pair of polka dotted yellow high heels. His brawls close combat with martial art techniques and a pair of high heels. 


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He bears the Chiei Star (地英) also known as the Star of Courage or the Hero Star. It was of Péng Qǐ (彭玘) in original version before placed onto Sancho, Genshu, Rico, Ema and Matthias in Konami's five installments of genso Suikoden. In Tierkreis the star belongs to Chihaya. 

Shin is visualized by Atsushi Maruo. 

installation (part) - Growing Up

performance - Growing Up

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