Ivan is an Angel from Castle on the Cloud who is banished because of an indecent crime. He lands on an unnamed Mas Keong and crushing him to death. He buries his victim as he seeks forgiveness. He joins GYM by providing holistic massage. He is recognizable by his wings, one of which partially broken. He fights with mantra.  


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S'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi      Je suis désolé           Je t'aime             Merci

He bears the Chido Star (地奴also known as the Serving Star or the Slave Star. It was of Lǐ Lì (李立) in original version before placed onto Ledon, Sid, Landis, Igor and Byakuren in Konami's five installments of genso Suikoden. In Tierkreis the star belongs to Hao-shi. 

Ivan is inspired by Ivan Tan Eng Hong, performed by the wonderful man himself while at the same time is visualized by Carven Ho. 

performance - Vire au vent tournoie déploie tes ailes 

photographs - Au loin ton echo s'éloigne. Enfin ton souffle s'éloigne 

installation - Vois sur ton chemin 

soundS'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi. Je suis désolé. Je t'aime. Merci.