At this point, the Masculine War has just started and Rusky finds himself on the land of Temasek ruled by the descendants of Sang Tri Buana. Not long after Rusky sets his foot on the island, Temasek is attacked by the Barsam with the aid from the Swordfish.

Rusky helps the humans of Temasek to get rid of their enemies where he also meets a young boy, Hang Nadim. The boy suggests a brilliant idea of utilizing the banana trees as shields against the Swordfish but he is injured not long after. Hang Nadim reminds Rusky of Jonatan and carries the injured boy on his back. The two retreats into a nearby hut and the battle ends.

After the battle, the ruler of Temasek finds Hang Nadim a threat to his throne because of the boy's intelligent and puts the boy into death penalty. Temasek warriors rush into the hut and captures Hang Nadim. They brought him into the royal ship and orders Rusky to leave the island.

Rusky sneaks onto the ship and as Hang Nadim is shackled and thrown into the sea, Rusky jumps. Unable to undo the shackles, both drowns into the sea onto the land of the Barsam.

The two join the Gordius Resistance Army and stays throughout the Masculine War.

Additionally, this chapter looks into brotherly love and sacrifice.

performance - Water Rune

performance - Water Rune