Yossi is a trickster who develops toy soldiers. He is the captain of SS Bo, a group of toy soldiers developed by the trickster himself. Together with Jagger, a toy soldier built after his dead boyfriend, they become a unique mercenary gang where he is the only human. The rest are soldiers made by him, made alive by special screws.

During the Masculine War, Hero finds a screw which turns the spoiled Jagger on and the two joins the GYM Army. The SS Bo contributes a huge number of infantry and artillery. Yossi also bears the Trick Rune. Moreover, he has developed fire arms prior to the war but unlike the Howling Voice Guild, his require bullets and ammo to fire. 

He bears the Chisyun Star after Juppo, Gadget and Gadget Z from genso Suikoden.

performance - Battle#1: Gillman Barracks

happening - Battle #2: Kavling Strawberry