Death Saves the Strawberry tells the story of two soldiers, Yossi, a human and Jagger, a toy soldier. They are captains of the SS Bo בוא, a group of toy soldiers mercenaries. Jager was heavily damaged during a battle and the soldiers of fortune joined GYM eventually after Hero finds a Screw to repair Jagger.

This episode of visual narrative also involves another character called the Death and it takes place in a place called the Strawberry Field.

Within the social context, SS Bo בוא looks into war tricksters. Historically, it also pays attention to Israel defense establishments' impacts upon Singapore Armed Forces.

Death Saves the Strawberry, titled after Tite Kubo's manga Bleach novel adaptation by Matsubara Makoto is a fan fiction from Eytan Fox's 2002 Israeli romantic drama, Yossi & Jagger. Other references to The Beatles' classic song, Strawberry Fields Forever and Julie Taymor's 2007 musical film, Across The Universe and Bo, a Hebrew song by considerably the most famous Israeli singer, Rita which was covered by Ivri Lider for Yossi & Jagger's soundtrack.

painting - Strawberry Fields



The Death