The Holy City of Gordius is an all-male populated metropolis, ruled by Priests. The men of Gordius have to undergo a religious ritual called Conversation with a Mannequin where at the age of 18, the generally more slender physique of a man would be swapped with a muscular figure of his mannequin which has been determined by the Priests. This has resulted in totalitarian government as the mannequins are injected with ideals which would be embedded into the men's consciousness after the ritual.

However, there are forms of resistance towards the state. A group of men are able to escape the ritual process, setting based on the outskirts of the city. They are called as GYM, which gains physical perfection through physical exercise.

Another force is the Black Market, existing in the underground of Gordius. They are rejects who might have or not gone through the ritual but found fondness in substances and late night events.

Rumors have it that a group of men who objects to the idea of masculinity moved out from the region completely and are settling near the Whiteland.     

Gordius Young Movement (GYM)