In Search of the Water Dragon tells a story of two brothers based on children novel Bröderna Lejonhjärta or The Brothers Lionheart by Swedish writer, Astrid Lindgren. It is a fan fiction of the novel, put together with a setting existing as part of Konami's genso Suikoden canon, the Howling Voice Guild. It is a guild up north specializing in training kidnapped children to be class assassins.

The story begins with Rusky deployed by the guild to assassinate Jonatan who does not report back after a failed mission. A series of events lead Rusky to join the GYM Resistance Army with Jonatan and Hang Nadim, a boy Rusky befriends in Temasek.

This multi-disciplinary project includes drawings, mixed media, installation, objects and photographs which are centered on a consistent blue colored performance, titled Water Rune. 

The project aims to excessively utilize blue as a color to portray water element as what it is usually used for in RPG video games. At the same time, it cross-refers Swedish narrative and a section of the Malay Annals in the hope of creating a new narrative that has a potential to question originality and authenticity. Within the social context, this series of works researches into children's fantasy and brotherly love.

The protagonist, named Rusky Lejon is given the
Tensyo Star (天捷), known as The Swift/Agile Star (天捷星). The original Shui Hu Zhuan, Zhāng Qīng (張清) aka The Featherless Arrow (沒羽箭) bears this star. Clive, Yun, Travis and Haswar bears this star in genso Suikoden.

Jonatan Lejon bears Tenan Star (天暗) which is also known as the Dark Star (天暗星). In the original Shui Hu Zhuan, this star belongs to the Blue Faced Beast (青面獸) Yáng Zhì (楊志) while in genso Suikoden, it belongs to Flik, Edge, Snowe Vingerhut and Belcoot.

The third character is Hang Nadim, given the Chikai Star (地魁), known as The Leader Star (地魁星). The original Shui Hu Zhuan, this star belongs to Zhū Wǔ (朱武) aka The Resourceful Strategist(神機軍師). In genso Suikoden, this star belongs to Leon Silverberg, Klaus Windamier, Albert Silverberg, Tanya and Cius.

chapter 1. Nocturne

chapter 2. Oasis

chapter 3. Mirage

chapter 4. Toba

chapter 5. Va

chapter 6. Langit

chapter 7. Brothers

chapter 8. Fin

chapter 9. Circle


Rusky Lejon



Hang Nadim


Jonatan Lejon